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Roll Container

The Roll Container from Highbright is a versatile, manual handling equipment piece that is ideal to be used for order picking, shipment, storage, transport, etc. Available in multi-fold configurations, with shelves, rear wall, folding front wall, hanger. Our roll container features steel structure with solid rod mesh and electrolytic zinc surface finish gives it a high resistance to corrosion. Here are some faqs about roll containers:

Q: What is the MOQ of roll container?

A: The MOQ is 10.

Q: When can I get the shopping cart?

A: For some models in stock we can ship in 24 hours. If it’s out of stock we can ship after 30 days.

Q: What is the loading capacity?

A: 300-500 kg for different models.

Q: What is the surface treatment method?

A: You can choose spray or galvanization+ dusting.

Q: Can I customize castor?

A: You can choose PU/TPR/Nylon castors. You can also add brakes.

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