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Pegboard display hooks system:

Pegboard  Panels either can be supplied in metal back formwhich include our shelving kit,or maybe in wooden panel that you can use anywhere you need. The boards are offered with lots of small holes, which will allow thevariety of hooks to hook into, andenables you to display your items - simple!

Display pegboard hooks aregreat forused in retail storesto hangvarious kinds of products including supermarket,small trinkets, snacks, makeup and beauty items, and more!
Simple hooks are suitable to display standard merchandise. Shops like electronic stores often choose to take advantage of the security hooks.

Buy pegboard hooks and  accessories from China manufacturer, Highbright provide very cheap price to save budget!

Slatwall Hook system:

Instantly add storage to your floor standing gondola by attaching a shelf or panel. Place a hat hook or plastic bin attachment by a register for toys or snacks to entice customers to make one last purchase. Expand the display area in a smaller shop by mounting a horizontally oriented waterfall face out designed to hold many hanging items at a time. Using hooks, sign clamps, pockets, and panels to expand storage and display space in your shop or showroom is cheaper than a renovation, and more fun than moving! Placed at a POS checkout station, these slatwall accessories, like store hardware, are designed to send “hot” merchandise quickly off the shelves.

Gridwall hooks

These versatile hooks and hangers are designed to showcase and organize displays in high traffic, high visibility areas. Commercial gridwall displays combine the strength of durable acrylic or steel wire construction with a lightweight open grid design that focuses customer attention on the merchandise and not the fixture. High visibility gridwall accessories, also known as wire grid display hangers, attach easily to grid panels, making them a perfect choice for use in exhibit or trade show booths as well as in retail environments. Highbright offers a wide selection of hooks and hangers that allow retailers to create organized, space saving merchandise displays that will attract customers.

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