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Highbright started from 2004.At first,we only made shopping basket and shopping cart.
After 8 years development,we started to expend product line such as supermarket shelf/warehouse rack and so on.
2018 we start our new strategy------retail solutions.Because our ever-expanding product line,we can provide all supermarket equipments for you.
2019 and the future,Highbright will move to new factory building.And we start recruit distributors from global.
Factory of supermarket shelf
Warehouse of shopping cart

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Do buy from China worth? If u want to buy 1 or 2 shopping cart ,maybe the best choice is buy locally.But if u want to buy more,we will be the best choice. Although u need to wait a month for your shopping cart,you will save a lot of money!China has been the world's factory.Most shopping carts are made in china whatever where u are. The same shopping cart.We just cheep because no middleman.
Upon customer’s demand, attempts to offer a free store design service makes several clients so exciting, which help us to expand to one-stop solution supplier after 13 years continuous growing. Now we equipped in-house design, manufacturing, QC team and certified nearly 50 sub-contractors covering metal wire, sheet, tube, wood, acrylic and pop display retail solution. Served customers from more than 100 different countries, therefore they can choose the style and quality level they prefer based on their budget.
We now focused on serving as a fast, cost-saving, innovative retail environments from China mainland to global markets.
Whenever our products are sold to a new country(area),
we hang the flag of that country in the show room.
Good products, Good service, Good price
This is our 3G principle.
Contract us and enjoy "3G"!

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