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gondola shelving
Gondola Shelving
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Highbright Gondola shelves enable supermarkets to create versatile, functional, and aesthetically pleasing merchandise display solutions. We manufacture products from end cap gondola, island gondola to wall gondola in various sizes and colors to support seamless shopping experience for your customers when walking through the aisles of your supermarket. One main advantage of working directly with a manufacturer is that your order is produced to your exact specifications. Since grocery stores require large shelving units, you can be sure Highbright can fulfill your order – faster than any other store fixture provider. Highbright has the perfect solutions for your supermarket. With our gondola shelving, we can do it all: develop an effective store layout design to increase sales, manufacture brand new factory-direct retail shelving displays, and make your store a more accessible place to shop for your customers.
Experienced Sales Manager​​​​​​​
With over 22 years of experience in the retail solutions business, we know everything about the gondola shelving. We communicate to understand your needs, offer product recommendations, calculate the estimated cost, and sort out all the details for you.​​​​​​​
Reliable Factories
We have multiple different factories based in China, constructing a full supply chain for you to start your business. When working with Highbright, you are partnering directly with the factory. Everything produced in our facility is brand new and specifically designed according to your expectation.
Extraordinary Design​​​​​​​
With a dedicated design team of 5 people, we are capable of offering all kinds of design work, from a 3D store floor plan to a specific product prototype. Previous cases and reference prices can be found here.​​​​​​​
22+ years of service experience
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Gondola Shelving
Gondola shelving comes in gondola wall units, double-sided gondola units and gondola end cap units. Supermarkets and grocery stores both use gondola end cap units at the end of store aisles and by check-out registers to highlight products and encourage more sales. Another strategy grocery stores use to promote key products is to place products on gondola shelves at eye level. At Highbright, we produce premium gondola shelving units, perfect for diverse retail environments. Our units are designed to address retailers' needs for strength, flexibility, and top-notch performance.
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