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Shopping Cart
A Series
the most classic style

How to choose shopping cart?

As a professional manufacture of shopping cart,Highbright has worked in this field so many years.Now we will talk about how to choose shopping cart for your supermarket according to our experience.

1.which material?

Generally,There are 2 materials of shopping cart------metal and plastic.Plastic shopping cart commonly uesd in America areas.Its a little expensive than metal shopping cart.Also metal cart is more durable.So most people outside america choose metal cart.

2.which series?

The best sell series is A series.Its the most classic style.But in Asia,Y series is most popular.In large convenience store we often recommend E series shopping cart.In common convenience store J series is the best choice.Because it is small and exquisite.Also it can be combined with baskets expediently.

3.Which liters?

The liter u choose is related to the area of your supermarket.If u can't decide ,please connect to us.We will give u professional advice according to our experience.

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