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Unlike price tags made of paper, electronic shelf label can show anything you want to show with E-ink screen.
For fresh products, you can even adjust the price every day. When the product is not so fresh, reduce the price to promote, which will significantly reduce the loss of fresh products.
No matter how much SKU in your supermarket,the information about price will be imported from the POS to the cloud in 1 second with 0 labor costs. 
How much to build electronic shelf label system?
The basic expenses are access point /electronic shelf label /PDA.
The cost of access point depends on the size of your supermarket.Most supermarkets only need one or two access point which will cost USD375.7 or USD751.
The cost of electronic shelf label depends on the number of SKU and the size of label.You can calculate it by your self.
Usually we only need one PDA device, but if your supermarket is huge and there are many employees, you can also purchase more PDA.
Other costs including software(USD300) and some holders which is very cheap.
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