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Highbright CARE+      After-Sale Service
Highbright Complete Installation Guidance.
The installation of supermarkets shelves is a difficult problem for supermarket owners.
Highbright have come up with solutions to all the details for you.
Parts of supermarket shelf are packed separately.
We printed the name of each part on the carton.
You just need to assemble different parts according to the installation instructions.
Highbright Warranty Service.
Usually, products such as supermarket shelves are vulnerable to damage.
But products with moving parts such as shopping carts will inevitably be damaged.
When your shopping carts are damaged, we will provide accessories for you to replace.
Highbright Customer Experience Improvement Program
This is Richard and Yanki visiting our customers in the Middle East and asking them if they are satisfied with the products and services of Highlight.
As we all know, customer experience has always been the most important thing of highbright.
For this reason, we visit many countries every year, approach our customers, listen to their voices, and achieve the best customer satisfaction of highbright.

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