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1. Signboard Design - 
●Highlight the brand independence
●Establish the brand image
●Present the brand name and logo
●Reflect the brand focus and segment
Illustrated Signborad Design by Highbright
2. Interior Layout Design - 
Aisle dimensions
The aisle design is crucial to a customer’s shopping experience. Thus, we recommend as follow:
Convenience stores below 50m²:
Main aisle - At least 1m 
Auxiliary aisle - At least 0.8m
Convenience stores between 50m² and 100m²:
Main aisle - Around 1.5m 
Auxiliary aisle - Around 1m
Convenience stores over 100m²
Both types of aisles should be as spacious as possible.
Correct zoning plan
Convenience stores are small, but they offer a wide range of products. Thus, careful zoning plan is essential.
The store should roughly be divided into: 
• Cashier
• Service Area (Fresh Food)
• Daily necessities
• Beverages
• Warehouse Storage
• Etc.
Line of motion
A good line of motion can guide customers to see more products and achieve higher sales. Therefore, when designing the line of motion, it is necessary to connect each area in series to enhance the viscosity and promote the popularity of various locations in the store to avoid dead corners. Reasonable route planning can plan U-shaped, zigzag, 8-shaped and other non dead angle line of motion.
3. Cashier area design - 
The cashier area is located at the entrance
It is recommended to set up the cashier area at the entrance, having the associates to check up on the situation in the store and therefore prevent theft from happening.
Add small front shelves to the cashier's
Adding a small front shelf to the cash register of a convenience store is the most common design form. Design a small front shelf to display small items such as chewing gum, paper towel or band aid, which can stimulate customers' consumption and increase turnover.
Promotion rack around the cashier
Consider setting up a promotion rack near the cashier area to display some small items within $10, so that customers can buy more while waiting to check out.It can not only create higher sales, but also distract the customers from the boredom waiting in line.
4. Lighting design - 
The lighting of convenience store shelves is divided into main lighting and auxiliary lighting. The main light of shelves generally refers to the fluorescent lamp or spotlight on the top of the whole store. The lighting degree of fluorescent lamp is the most balanced. At the same time, pure white light can reflect the original color of goods. Bright lights represent cleanliness, tidiness and seriousness, yellowish lights represent warmth like home, and other colored lights are rarely used in convenience stores. The fluorescent lamp shall be installed above the shopping channel, and the height from the shelf shall be about half of the width of the shopping channel. The arrangement direction of the lamp tube shall be consistent with the arrangement of the shelf to ensure that the goods can be directly irradiated from the front.
5. Highbright design - 
We know that designing the whole store can be troublesome and requiring professional knowledge and skills. Therefore, Highbright design is here for you.

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