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  • Partner with Highbright in Africa

    We help you become our reliable distributor in your region

  • Start a Bakery Store in Djibouti

    300m² designed and plan to open within 3 months AL NOOR BAKERY is a well-known bakery chain in the UAE, which is a subsidiary of NBHi. This is their new store in Djibouti, next to their bakery factory. The conversation took place on LinkedIn and Highbright learned they needed some bakery racks, cab

  • Always open a supermarket in Australia with Highbright

    Always open a supermarket in Australia with Highbright:Second-time purchase completed by Highbright in 45 days The Local Asian Grocer[1] is a wholesale grocery store with a primary focus on various fresh & dry asian goods, located in the suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The client placed their secon

  • Grocery Cart History: Sylvan Goldman and Supermarket Origins

    Today, let’s talk about a great invention that has been overlooked in the history of business, and it’s a super-explosive — supermarket shopping carts. Few inventions have so deeply understood the user's spending habits. We only care about shopping, and we never pay attention to the history of shop

  • How To Achieve Proper Lighting in A Supermarket

    If you're looking for the perfect way to create an awesome shopping experience for your customers, you should consider using a unique lighting style in your supermarket. Every area of the supermarket has its own meaning. It is necessary to design these areas to have sufficient lighting and to define

  • How to Manage a Warehouse

    Managing a warehouse is not easy and requires a lot of work and energy. Your responsibilities may range from supervising and evaluating employees to shipping, purchasing, receiving, inventory control, storing and distributing merchandise. Operating an efficient, safe, and productive warehouse is a m

  • How to Build the Warehouse Your Company Needs

    There are many reasons for building or expanding warehouses, including meeting growing business needs, entering new markets, avoiding bottlenecks, and replacing old and outdated equipment. Here are 10 best practices on how to create or expand a warehouse. 1.Obtain the numbers required to prove the r

  • Important Supermarket Manager Skills

    Want to know how to become the retail manager employers are looking for? This is all you need to get the store key. Retail managers must do all this: work with customers, manage sales staff, reach monthly store quotas, and step in when something needs to be done. Therefore, employers in the retail i

  • The difference between warehouse racking and pallet rack system

    The difference between warehouse racking and pallet rack systemYou walk into your warehouse; do you think it's a messy and unorganized nightmare? Are forklifts buzzing, pallets scattered on the floor, and workers scrambling to find out where products and inventory are? Or are you looking for a wareh

  • How to Open a Bakery Store

    Opening a bakery will be hard work, but it is also fun. With equal enthusiasm and elbow grease, you can start a business where customers line up around the block waiting for a chance to try your delicious food. This guide on how to start a bakery will help you understand how to start a business. 1.

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