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Round Highbay Light
IP20 asymmetric light type linear light

IP67 asymmetric light type linear light​​​​​​​
Linear Highbay Light ​​​​​​​


Wide range of application scenarios, can be used in retail hypermarkets, logistics centers, warehouses......

Round Highbay Light

Round Highbay Light Include......

Liner Highbay Light
  • IP20 asymmetric light type linear light
    1. Large circulation products, only prevent the intrusion of solid objects larger than 12mm, and prevent people's fingers from touching the internal parts of the lamp
    2. No waterproof function, suitable for dry warehouses without water
    3. High cost performance, belonging to entry-level products
  • IP67 asymmetric light type linear light

    1. High waterproof grade product, suitable for most scenarios 
    2. It is a professional-grade product.
    3.IP67 rating can ensure product life and safety.
Good cooling improves profits
Insure your profits!
Insure your profits!
Insure your profits!
Thermal performance ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
When electronic equipment does work, part of the energy efficiency is converted into heat energy, and the high temperature environment will inevitably affect the performance of electronic components, which requires more efficient thermal control of products.
The heat dissipation of electrical devices is to control the operating temperature of electronic equipment to ensure the temperature, safety and life of its work.​​​​​​​
Safety is above all else!
Safety regulations - the basic bottom 
line of product shipments
Safety regulations refer to the safety compliance of products from design to sales to end users, throughout the entire life cycle of product use, relative to the laws, regulations and standards of the place of sale. Simply put, it is a hard and fast rule for product safety, each product is slightly different, but generally the same.

Safety regulations simulate the possible use methods of end customers and go through a series of strict tests to assess the possible electric shock, fire, mechanical damage, thermal damage, chemical damage, radiation damage, food hygiene of products under normal or abnormal use. Such hazards should be prevented through corresponding design before the product leaves the factory.
High Bay Light Products
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