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Lighting plays a critical role in almost every industry; from mining, manufacturing, packaging, marine shipping, to sports.

Now, as you can imagine, most of these industrial facilities consume huge amounts of energy to stay well-lit; resulting in high and sometimes unnecessary costs.

This begs the question:

Are there any workarounds for this issue? Yes – Use Our Industrial Lighting Fixtures!

Our fixtures not only ensure proper lighting of your facilities but also enhance output and heighten safety in the workplace.

For instance:

In a well-lit facility, workers are less likely to suffer injuries or accidents like bumping into equipment or striding over sharp tools.


How much do you know about LED industrial lighting fixtures? And how will you benefit from using these lights?

Let‘s get started!

LED Floodlights

When it comes to high-quality and bright outdoor lighting, it’s hard not to talk about LED floodlights.

Because these fixtures are powerful and designed to endure all kinds of weather and environments.

As the name suggests, floodlights will – quite literally – flood an area with light. They are used for both indoor and outdoor lighting; given that they are illuminating a large space.

What’s more?

LED floodlights emit more lumens per watt; thus, providing high-intensity beams while consuming less energy.

LED Floodlights

UFO High Bay Lights

A UFO High Bay Light is a luminaire system with a UFO (alien ship) disc shape and an integral aluminum housing.

This design allows the fixture to achieve optimal light distribution over a large area without the need for bulky reflectors.

Also, note that since they are high bay fixtures, UFOs are usually installed on high ceilings. Their mounting/installation technique will differ depending on your needs and preferences.

The best part about installing these lights on high ceilings is that they illuminate a large area easily; thus, reducing the number of lights needed to achieve optimal lighting.

UFO High Bay Lights
High Bay Lights

Just like its UFO counterparts, an LED High Bay light is designed to illuminate spaces with high ceilings – over 20 feet.

Highbay lights have aluminum reflectors that ensure the light flows evenly downward or prismatic reflectors that produce a diffused kind of light.

This makes them ideal for lighting elevated objects.


With Highbay LEDs, you have the option to choose your most preferred reflector angle. This gives you flexibility and allows you to shine the light where you need it, with ease.

High Bay Lights

LED Tunnel Lights

Proper tunnel lighting is important to ensure road safety by illuminating everything inside the underpass and enhancing visibility.

Thus, LED tunnel lights provide linear illumination with high color rendering accuracy for better visual induction.

Moreover, these lights are water and dust-proof; to ensure they stay on for longer.

LED Tunnel Lights

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