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Room Temp.~400℃ Stainless Steel Door Deck Oven Computer Control

  • HBE-BE-1B309D(HAF)

  • Highbright

  • HBE-BE-1B309D(HAF)



The whole machine is made of stainless steel.

Two kinds of door bodies can be selected. The inner tank can be

customized with stainless steel or aluminum plating.


9 stainless steel heating tubes are arranged at the top and bottom

to make the heat transfer evenly from top to bottom, and the baking

effect is even and stable.


Good thermal insulation technology makes the heat in the oven not

easy to lose. When the equipment is running, the power peak value

is coordinated through the performance control system planning to

achieve the effect of energy saving and power saving.


Equipped with universal wheel tripod, with brake design, easy to push

and fix.

Stainless Steel Door( Room Temp.~400℃)
ModelCapacityVoltagePowerInner SizeDimensions
HBE-BE-1B102D(HAF)1 layer 2 trays380V10.8KW870x760x220mm1300x1090x845mm
HBE-BE-1B204D(HAF)2 layers 4 trays21.6KW1300x1090x1345mm
HBE-BE-1B306D(HAF)3 layers 6 trays32.4KW1300x1090x1845mm
HBE-BE-1B103D(HAF)1 layer 3 trays11.3KW1305x760x220mm1760x1090x845mm
HBE-BE-1B206D(HAF)2 layers 6 trays22.6KW1760x1090x1345mm
HBE-BE-1B309D(HAF)3 layers 9 trays33.9KW1760x1090x1845mm

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