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Room Temp.~400℃ 3 layers 6 trays Electric Oven Deck Oven Instrument Control

  • HBE-BE-1B306DHT

  • Highbright

  • HBE-BE-1B306DHT



The black titanium series customized for different user groups, matching different decoration styles, is more corrosion-resistant and high-temperature than ordinary SS.


The uniform spray system can produce a large amount of saturated steam quickly and produce the same quality.


The gas type adopts combustion tube and heat exchanger, pulse igntion & flame monitoring system, high igntion rate, and automatic ; alarm when accidental flameout or flameout when the gas runs out.


Far infrared electric heating tube radiation heating, the upper and lower are equipped with 6 heating tubes, the heat distribution is uniform and stable.

Black Titanium Series( Room Temp.~400℃)
ModelCapacityVoltagePowerInner SizeDimensions
HBE-BE-1B102DHT1 layer 2 trays220/380V6.6KW870x650x230mm1220x800x590mm
HBE-BE-1B204DHT2 layers 4 trays380V13.2KW1220x800x1250mm
HBE-BE-1B306DHT3 layers 6 trays380V19.8KW1220x800x1640mm

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