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Energy saving scheme of full DC inverter system
Simple installation
reduce copper pipes, welding, leakage
reduce refrigerant charge
High efficiency and energy saving
reduce the energy consumption of supermarket cold chain operation
Effectively reduce store operating costs!
Scope of application: 
Food display cabinets in medium and large supermarkets, community stores and convenience stores; small cold storages; Other places requiring refrigeration and freezing.

Design concept: 
·Aim for fast, precise and efficient 
·Committed to achieving more than 20% energy saving goals for each customer 
·Fast —— high frequency operation, rapid cooling 
·Maximum adjustment range: 30%~160% 
·Precise —— wide variation, precise FM 
·Maximum frequency range: 60Hz~360Hz 
·Speed corresponding range: 20rps~120rps
·Efficient —— real-time feedback, automatic adjustment 
·Frequency conversion unit + electronic expansion valve full frequency conversion combination 
·Automatically based on changes in end load conditions 
·Adjust compressor speed, electronic expansion valve opening, condensing fan speed
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