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Open a supermarket 
in Saudi Arabia
1800m² redesigned and equipped by Highbright

Ali Alhabdan is a family-run community grocery store in Al Hasa, Saudi Arabia. The client initially approached Highbright looking for supermarket equipment with a design sketch developed by a domestic company. After knowing Highbright offers a whole store design service for free if we also supply all the needed equipment, our client decided to refine the big project (~1800m²) and give our design team a try.
The most significant advantage of having Highbright taking care of both the design and the equipment is that we know what we sell, and we design what we sell. The floor plan and design sketch developed by our dedicated design team will ensure your store looks exactly the same as you see in the images.
Highbright sales manager Yanki was responsible for the purchase. The client developed trust for Highbright sales after looking at all the evidence of our successful deals. To emphasize our previous experience in Saudi Arabia, Yanki sent many photos of Highbright’s visit to Saudi Arabia in 2019 and field photos taken at our clients’ stores on WhatsApp (the primary communication channel with our clients other than email).
Thus, they decided to purchase a variety of supermarket equipment from Highbright. The purchase list includes the essential display equipment like gondola shelves and produces racks, but also standard equipment like commercial refrigerators and supermarket swing gates for large grocery stores.
Considering the vast amount of work for installation, Highbright contacted local personnel in Saudi Arabia to take care of the whole store installation for our client.
Highbright aims to close every deal with a ready-to-open store for our client. We would take care of the store preparation from budgeting and designing till the final installation. While you work on the business development, we will ship Highbright’s quality supermarket products and equipment to you from China.
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