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Start a supermarket in Panama​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
2000m² designed and equipped by Highbright in 3 months​​​​​​​

Super Ahorro is a well-rounded grocery store located in Panama City. Our client has owned the first store for years and is now thinking of opening the second branch. Knowing that Highbright offers design service and a complete list of supermarket equipment, they reached out seeking major equipment like supermarket shelves, fruit and vegetable display racks, and shopping carts.
Once we received the inquiry online, our Sales Manager Jenny treated it as a whole store project because of the various products needed. She reached out to ask for the new branch floor plan as well as photos of the first store, to have a general sense of Super Ahorro. With the floor plan in hand, the Highbright design team managed to come up with a detailed layout with equipment specification and kept revising until the 8th version.
Our sales associate Herschel was responsible for the follow-up communication with the client. We usually keep all the timely responses on WhatsApp, but since this client is familiar with WeChat, it is the major communication channel of this deal.
Our Sales Associate would understand your needs as the communication goes on. We will make sure you have a clear understanding of our products before we ship them to you. We are also able to provide additional guidance on your shopping list. Herschel noticed that our client did not include refrigeration equipment for such a spacious store, so he timely offered the Highbright Refrigeration Catalog. Highbright started the business around shopping basket and shopping cart, but after over 15 years of development, we are able to support the opening of a whole store, from designing to all equipment supply.
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