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how to best plan a supermarket shelf with products

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 How to best plan a supermarket shelf with products? It's virtual important for you if you want to open a supermarket or retail store.


Believe it or not, your store's product presentation and layout strategy can have a powerful impact on the consumer's decision to buy your product or not. A deep understanding of in-store product placement can be the difference between selling a few products and selling a few hundred. In this guide, we'll discuss some key knowledges your team needs to know about product placement in stores.





When consumers looks neatly arranged shelves, they are actually looking at real-time planograms. A planogram is a visual representation of a product shelf, used to maximize capacity and sales. Every field sales and marketing team can benefit from using planograms to achieve more profitable product placement.In addition, planograms can easily plan the placement and organization of shelves in different stores.



Product Placement Strategy


Supermarkets have a crazy way of organizing their in store product placement. Like you, they know it's hard for consumers to stick to their shopping list, no matter how determined they are. Here are some clever ways of placing goods for stores to profit maximization.


1.Cross Merchandising

Cross-merchandising is the practice of putting together free items to increase the size of the shopping basket and promote impulse buying. This product placement strategy is successful because when consumers buy something, they tend to consider what else can be matched with it.


2."Eye-level Is Purchase-level"

This phrase may be more related to shelf placement than any other phrase. It is for this reason that sight-level shelf real estate is the most expensive because it is the most frequently seen by customers. However, there is more to this idea. Some studies have shown that, similar to reading, we scan the shelf space from left to right. So, knowing which products are best on which side, left or right will help you get the most profit from product placement in your store.

Tips: place the most popular products in left side or eye level place.



Research the market


Once you know your supermarket layout is correct, you need to learn more about what products people prefer. The more you know about consumers’ shopping preferences, the more you can adjust your products to meet their needs. Exploring social media, websites, and other supermarkets can help. You can even invest in retail market audits to understand what products people like.



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