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Why Your Company Needs Plastic Pallets?

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Plastic pallets play an important role in the logistics industry. They are a crucial part of any supply chain, so it pays to consider what type of pallet is best for all aspects of your business in the long-term. Pallets are made from a range of materials—most often, wood and plastic.


For food industry


For the food industry, plastic pallet is more suitable than wood. This is determined by the industry, the food industry is different from other industries, it requires to be more hygienic and cleaner, do not allow the factors of food contamination. In large food manufacturers, the turnover frequency of raw materials is very high, so manual handling alone is very inefficient. The use of mechanical handling tools to support the use of plastic pallets can do more with less.


Food industry has its particularity for its high requirements of the clean and hygienic production environment. In the warehouse logistics, it’s common to use pallets. Pallets used in the food industry require hygiene and ease of cleaning. And if wet, wood trays will be prone to mold.


Pallets need to be cleaned regularly, but it’s easy to make wooden pallet moisture, and then need to be dried in time.


In this regard, plastic pallet is more appropriate for the food industry. It can be directly in contact with the outer packaging of food raw materials. Such as bagged flour, it can be directly stacked on the flat double-sided plastic tray.


The Disadvantages of Wood Pallets

For many years, wood pallets have been a staple of the supply chain. Even to this day, 90-95% of pallets in use are made of wood. They are well known as one of the cheapest materials and have the benefit of being relatively easy to repair and recycle. On the other hand, wood pallets are heavier and need to be repaired and replaced regularly. One of the biggest issues in recycling isn’t the actual recycling of waste; it’s the capturing of waste in the first place. Wood pallets can also be difficult to clean due to their irregular surface and carry a higher risk of infestation and contamination when damp. This is a particular issue for the food industry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. 


Do Plastic Pallets Have Any Other Advantages?

  1. Plastic pallets are cost effective

As plastic pallets tend to be lighter than wooden units, freight rates are generally lower whether you’re transporting goods by road, sea, or air. Although plastic pallets often have a higher upfront cost, the cost per trip for plastic pallets is often significantly lower due to their durability. In recent years, new breakthroughs in technology have lowered the costs of plastic pallets even more in comparison to wood pallets.


  1. Plastic pallets take up less space

A big advantage plastic pallets have over wood pallets is their nestability. Nestable pallets often feature a nine-leg bottom which nests into other pallets, saving precious space in a warehouse.


  1. Plastic pallets are more flexible and versatile

Plastic pallets are made in a range of different designs and can be used to suit a range of environments and purposes. Whether most of your operations take place in the warehouse or in export, plastic pallets, in being more malleable and sturdier, can be made to suit the specific needs of particular industries.


  1. Plastic pallets have a longer lifespan than wood pallets

If you’re weighing up plastic pallets vs wood pallets, it’s a good idea to consider what you’ll be using them for. If you’re regularly shipping items or using pallets in a warehouse, it makes sense to invest in pallets designed for longevity. Time and time again, plastic pallets can be used without much wear and tear. This combats the throwaway culture which contributes to climate change and puts your business on the right side of history as you do your bit and take waste out of the ecosystem rather than adding to it.


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