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UAE case - Grocery Equipment

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R grocery store is a online-store in Dubai, UAE. They never do physical store before. One day they plan to open a physical store and contacted our sales Zoe at end of October, 2021. The first inquiry we received is vegetable rack. After initial communication, we know R grocery’s store plan. Then started the first step - make the 2D drawing first to check how to locate the racks, counters,etc. If you don’t CAD drawing, hand drawing marked with area size is also OK. Our designer will check for you. We can make 2D free design till your satisfaction, then we can do the 3D drawing for you. 1 usd dollar per square metre, there 5 3D images, from different angle. Design fee will refunded after order confirmation.

2D drawing of the first store and the second store

UAE case grocery-02

3D drawing of the store

UAE case grocery-03

Highbright sales manager Zoe was responsible for the purchase. The client developed trust for Highbright sales after looking at all the evidence of our successful deals. To emphasize our previous experience in UAE, Zoe sent many photos of Highbright’s case show “YELLOW DUCK” in UAE in 2019 and field photos taken at our clients’ stores on WhatsApp (the primary communication channel with our clients other than email)

Thus, they decided to purchase a variety of supermarket equipment from Highbright. R grocery store bought supermarket shelf, cash counter, refrigeration&chiller, vegetable rack, shopping trolley, etc. All supermarket equipments provided by Highbright team. During the 156 days, we communicated uninterruptedly, finally finished the store plan.

After the order is confirmed, we will arrange production, carefully check every step, and double check with the customer until shipment. Due to the long communication time for orders and the complex products, we will prepare a list to record in case of mistakes.

UAE case grocery-04

UAE case grocery-05

UAE case grocery-06

UAE case grocery-07

UAE case grocery-08

UAE case grocery-09

UAE case grocery-10

UAE case grocery-11

UAE case grocery-12

UAE case grocery-13

UAE case grocery-14

UAE case grocery-15

UAE case grocery-16

UAE case grocery-17

Considering the vast amount of work for installation, Highbright provide install video and files for supermarket equipments. Don’t worry about the installation, we can teach online.

Highbright aims to close every deal with a ready-to-open store for our client. We would take care of the store preparation from budgeting and designing till the final installation. While you work on the business development, we will ship Highbright’s quality supermarket products and equipment to you from China.

Contact Highbright right now and worry less about your grand opening!

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