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To support agent better Highbright improves service continuously

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Vincent is a supplier of gondola shelves, shopping trolleys, checkout counter and variety of supermarket equipment in Surabaya, Indonesia. His company have a long history which is more than 4 decades. Luckily, they visited us on July 30th 2019.

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They visited our gondola shelving factory, shopping trolly factory and checkout counter factory. Seeing is believing. They are satisfied with the quality of our products and placed the first order $56409 in August 2019.

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As you see, This form makes people dizzy. And it’s easy to make mistakes if you don’t read it carefully. So, we improved the quotation. Marked colors for each part of shelving. They can clearly know the specification, color, quantity and other information of each part of the shelving.

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Another problem appared, when they receive the goods. They don’t know which part is for A project and which is for B project. They must distinguish different parts for different projects. This problem took them a lot of time. So, we improved packing list.

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They can clearly know how many cartons there are for each project and each parts. We also marked weight for each carton to help they calculate the total weight of each project. It will be much more convenient to call a suitable van and deliver the goods to different places.

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Until August 2022, they have placed 33 orders in the past 3 yeas. More than one million dollars in total. We are very grateful for their trust in the past 3 years. We will continue to work hard and support them as always. We look forward to creating a better future together.

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