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To set up the most wonderful grocery store in Singapore 200㎡ equipped by Highbright

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Hao mart is a chain grocery store in Singapore.The client approached Highbright to look for some supermarket equipements.

They want some important equipment like shelves,shopping trolleys.

To set up the most wonderful grocery store in Singapore-01

To set up the most wonderful grocery store in Singapore-04

After getting the inquiry from our client,Highbright held a meeting as soon as possible and talked about some details with team member.Raymond Hang,sales manager who had more than five experience in supermarket area was responsible for the project.Because this is the first time for the client to talk with Highbright.As a unfamiliar supplier to the client,Raymond did plenty of work.To share with our previous experience in Singapore,Raymond had video call by whatsapp with the client for many times and provided many feedback videos.

From the initial popular style recommendation to the final decision,Highbright treat our client timely and quickly.In addition to the shelves,during the conversation with the client by whatsapp,Highbright also suggest our client some other equipment such as shopping basket/chiller~.With the support by Highbright design team,a nice effect picture of client trolley handle logo was finished quickly. At the same time,Highbright provided the client various shipping options to reach client’s opening target.Good news always came back.One month later,Highbright helped our client to finish the whole equipment plan.

To set up the most wonderful grocery store in Singapore-05

No pain,no gain.A long-term cooperation relationship had been established between Hao mart and Highbright.The client chose to purchase Highbright equipment in advance.A few month later,Hao mart placed the second order with Highbright.The client was still satisfied with our equipment.

To set up the most wonderful grocery store in Singapore-06

As Highbright values said,”stand behind customer and grow up together.”Each store that Highbright done before was not a project but also valuable treasure.Step by step to reach a better and brilliant future,to be the best one-stop-sourcing retail equipment supplier from China.Highbright always try our best to support and help our clients.

Come on and contact Highbright,a new beginning will be between us.

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