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Supermarket Opened in Bonaire, Caribbean

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500m² redesigned and equipped by Highbright in 6 months

  Famoso Supermarket is a Chinese supermarket chain in Bonaire, Caribbean. This is the second supermarket location opened by our client. After learning that the supermarket opened by the client’s  relatives was also designed and purchased using equipment from Highbright, she contacted us and sent us a template layout of her supermarket, asking us to implement the design for her.

Supermarket Opened in Bonaire, Caribbean-02

 Highbright sales Louise Yin was responsible for this order. The client’s relative, who opened the Foodymark Supermarket in Bonaire, was our first customer on the island, and after only eight days the customer paid the deposit because he was very satisfied with our professional and quick response.

Due to this positive feedback, Famoso supermarket trusted us and bought all the equipment in the store from us, including supermarket shelves, bread racks, cash registers, point-of-sale machines, and freezers, and more. At the same time, we also customized a new wine rack according to customer requirements.

Supermarket Opened in Bonaire, Caribbean-03

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