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The Pegboard display system is probably oldest and most well known display system around - Pegboard Panels can either be supplied in metal back form which come with our shelving system, or in wooden sheets which can be used where ever you require. The boards are supplied with dozens of small holes, which enable the wide range of hooks to hook into, and in-turn allows you to display your products - simple!

Peg hook and accessories are great for use with retail display racks, the accessories are designed for use with pegboard store fixtures. Display peg board hooks  are ideal for use in retail stores to hold a variety of items including small trinkets, snacks, makeup and beauty items, and more!

Peg board hooks vary in both length, color, style and function. Simple hooks are available to display standard merchandise. Places like electronic stores often prefer to use the security hooks. These displays are anchored the same way, but the end of the hooks is an enclosed so customers cannot remove any items without the assistance of an employee. The display also locks to the pegboard so people will not be also able to steal the hook with all the products attached. Security hooks are one of the most effective methods out there for display a large selection of products without having to keep them behind the sales counter. Standard hooks can be purchased in bulk to make large scale retail setups.

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Pegboard Hooks and Accessories

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