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Pallet racking and Mezzanine from China

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1 container of warehouse rack shipped to Melbourne by Highbright

DAWNTRONIC is an Australian wholesaler. The customer's existing warehouse is too small. He found Highbright one day and wanted to buy warehouse rack for his new warehouse.

We met the customer at the Canton Fair at the beginning. In 2018, the customer said that he wanted to change the warehouse, but he hadn’t found suitable location yet. So we  follow up the process of the new warehouse project of  the client, until 21, Oct , 2022 ,the customer finally found it.

Our sales manager Rose to follow up on the warehouse project. Highbright did many warehouse cases, And in 2021 we have a big project in Palau about 5000 Square meters,and cultivated the initial trust from there. With the provided floor plan, the Highbright design team managed to come up with a layout suggestion.

Pallet racking and Mezzanine from China-02

In such cases where the client has a clear vision for his warehouse design and equipment selection including pallet rack,Mezzanine, plastic pallet  and Longspan shelf , our sales manager Rose timely responded with relative size chart and field photos of  Highbright products.

Pallet racking and Mezzanine from China-03

We arranged the transportation from Shanghai to Melbourne. Highbright also prepared a series of installation guidelines to save time for our clients, empowering their business with reliable sales service.

Finally customer was very satisfied after installed, and repurchased some goods at the end of July.The client will do a showroom in the future , and will still cooperate with Highbright.

Pallet racking and Mezzanine from China-04

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