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Nut store in Saudi Arabia

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This is a customer from Saudi Arabia. He has contacted Highbright since June last year, but his store was not built at that time. He only told Chris what he sells,Until May this year, he found our salesman Chris again.

During this period, Chris recommended Rack with lots of nuts racks. This time, the client's store has been renovated. He sent us the current situation of his store, but did not provide a floor plan. After three days of measurement and communication, Chris successfully got the accurate size of the store. After the Highbright designer got the size, she drew the first draft floor plan and attached the products recommended by Chris


Nut store in Saudi Arabia-02


Nut store in Saudi Arabia-03

The first whole store design made by Highbright

The customer likes the recommended products, but at this time the customer has doubts about whether these products look good in one store. Of course, Chris applied for a free 3D drawing for the client, and when the client saw the shelves in her store, she was so pleased that payment was arranged in less than a week

Nut store in Saudi Arabia-04

Nut store in Saudi Arabia-05

During this period, some problems were also encountered. The customer wanted to buy a stainless steel table to suit his machines, but there was no suitable one in the Chinese market. At this time, Chris discussed with the production manager whether he could customize one. When Chris got the size of the customer's machine and the customer's needs, he let the designer draw a schematic diagram of the product and sent to the client to check.The customer was very satisfied with the schematic and let Chris go into production

Nut store in Saudi Arabia-06

customized stainless steel table

Now the customer has just received the goods and has not finished the decoration, but the customer told Chris that he will be buying more from Highbright.Looking forward to the opening of the customer's store!

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