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Important Supermarket Manager Skills

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Want to know how to become the retail manager employers are looking for? This is all you need to get the store key.


Retail managers must do all this: work with customers, manage sales staff, reach monthly store quotas, and step in when something needs to be done.


Therefore, employers in the retail industry are reviewing the resumes of retail managers. They often look for a “mix of diverse, transferable skills that indicate a versatile and well-rounded candidate who has a good understanding of the industry. And able to adapt to the needs," said Michael Lan, a resume consultant at Resume Writer Direct in Wilmington, Delaware.


These are the seven skills you need most to succeed in your promotion, especially when you work for one of the top 100 retailers.


Customer service

Kelly Donovan, a professional communications expert in Los Angeles, said that customer service is vital to everyone in the retail industry. Retail is about ensuring that customers get a great experience every time, so this skill should be your top priority.


People oriented

Donovan said that as a retail manager, you will manage a team, which may include inexperienced employees, but their salary is a difficult job. You need a record of your leadership skills, and you must be able to provide examples of how you motivate people.


Devin Pappas works as a store manager and visual marketer in Clearwater, Florida, and he said that being able to evaluate the strengths of others and identify areas of opportunity is key. Depending on how the store or chain is managed, you may need to provide one-to-one management and written action plans for the store team. You must also create a team environment where everyone can work together.


Papas said that you may also be responsible for employee training and development, and you need to have a background in retail market recruitment or networking to help fill vacancies. You need to be able to handle delicate situations with fairness and patience, follow company guidelines, and keep every employee up to high standards.


Sales experience

"Most retail employees are responsible for sales," Donovan said. "As a result, sales skills are essential for most retail job seekers, whether you are in an assistant position or a management position."


Prepare examples to show you how to turn your browser into a buyer and how to maximize sales by purchasing additional components from your customers.


Sales leadership

Your own sales experience may not be enough. Donovan said that you not only need to motivate people to work, but you must motivate people to sell.


A background in sales leadership is crucial for retail managers. You may be asked to train sales staff and then increase their sales volume over time.



Lisa Ritchie, vice president of human resources at Match Marketing Group in Mississauga, Ontario, said the retail industry is constantly changing. Retail managers need to be flexible and mentally strong to cope with daily changes. Although the uncertainty of the industry can be exciting, it can also lead to burnout if you are unable to cope with the ups and downs.



The retail industry is a fast-growing and dynamic industry, and it takes a lot of effort to master what is happening. Pappas said that successful retail managers are methodical, good at planning and problem-solving. Being able to handle multiple tasks at the same time also helps.



Papas said that you need to use your communication skills to work with employees, customers, and your own managers. You will direct store meetings and need to face various internal and customer-facing situations, both positive and negative. Being able to communicate effectively will provide you with good service.

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