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How to arrange supermarket shelf lighting

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Consumers are becoming more discerning, the range of goods on offer is becoming broader and opportunities opened by digitalization are becoming ever more diverse. Running a supermarket successfully requires plenty of skills-but just one lighting partner.


Supermarkets are probably the most frequently traded areas for goods. A supermarket shelf is a centralized place for supermarket goods. Lighting, as a carrier for connecting customers and goods, largely determines our buying behavior.


Good lighting requires not only enough brightness to allow customers to see the product information. But also needs to have the good color restoration ability, makes the commodity more attractive.


How can you make colorful, attractive products on the shelf appealing and trigger the desire to get them into the bag?


Shelf display is the main display method of supermarket goods. The lighting of shelf area should be considered from the activities of people in the supermarket space.

People visiting the supermarket will have two basic actions: search (quick browsing) and selection (watch carefully).


There is no doubt that for the shelf display area, the visual target objects of these two actions are the goods on the shelf. Therefore, lighting design should try to illuminate the goods on the shelves.


Shelf area line-of-sight analysis: For example, for the shelf area, the visual function and comfort are better when the ratio of vertical illuminance (shelf) to horizontal illuminance (ground) is not less than 2:1. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the ground illumination

At 300 lux, the vertical illuminance in the middle of the shelf is not less than 600 lux.


Shelf area, usually with linear lights or wide-angle track spotlights to provide lighting, considering the basic lighting and vertical lighting shelves.


With the led linear trunking system, the light is even and the installation is simple. The spotlighting solution can highlight the focus, but the lighting effect is more freedom of debugging. General supermarkets use led linear light, boutique supermarkets will choose orbital shooting Lamp lighting way.


How to arrange the LED linear trunking system?

The Wrong linear lamp layout as below:




The vertical arrangement of linear trunking luminaire and shelves does not make the most effective use of the lighting system. Some unnecessary areas are detrimental to the economics of lighting. For example, lighting at the top of a shelf is an uneconomical way of lighting.


Second, this lighting method cannot provide enough uniform vertical illumination for the shelves of display goods, affect the display of goods and the transmission of visual information, thereby affecting the shopping experience and sales.


The Correct linear lamp layout as below:




Led linear trunking luminaires are arranged in the middle of two rows of shelves, not only to ensure the basic lighting channel, but also to ensure the vertical illumination level of the shelves on both sides, to avoid waste caused by uneconomic.


To improve the vertical illumination of the shelf area, which light distribution curve lamp is most suitable for lighting along the center of the shelf area?


For a linear lamp, the answer is double asymmetric light distribution.


For unilateral shelves, it is best to use the asymmetric light distribution.

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