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Highbright Supermarket Equipment in 123th Canton Fair

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After three years, the offline exhibitions of the Canton Fair have fully resumed and returned with a grand return. The 133rd Canton Fair officially kicked off on April 15, 2023, and we can finally go to meet our customers again.


Our exhibition is located at 16.3125 in the Hardware C area. Our dedicated partners - Jenny, Lisa, Chris, Kevin - went to arrange the exhibition early and soon our exhibition became more stylish.





Multinational exhibitors are very interested in Highbright products. Through face-to-face communication with new and old customers, we can gain a deeper understanding of the development trends of the industry today. We have also prepared well this time. Through the customer's preferences, they can quickly and accurately provide corresponding products, quotations, and other services to our customers, which has facilitated more pleasant communication between each other. I believe that the zero distance communication with customers through this exhibition will bring to our sales a different experience.

There are also some customers who came to the exhibition to meet through the previous online invitation of the salesperson. These actions are very touching for us, and it is precisely because of your trust and support that we Highbright can serve you with even more enthusiasm. Thank you.





The 133th Canton Fair has come to a successful end, but our service will always be there.

Highbright Enterprise has been established for 18 years. Our main products include supermarket shelves, shopping carts, cash registers, fruit and vegetable display stand, etc. We provide a full range of one-stop solutions from layout design planning to pre opening delivery of the entire store. Our commitment is to provide high-quality service!

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