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Get one-stop service in Ghana

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All kinds of Shelf / Counter / Trolley / Warehouse device

Afropak is a local company in Africa, its main business is various supermarket equipment, located in Ghana, and its business radiates to several surrounding countries.
Afropak found Highbright one day and hopes that we can be their supplier in China. They used to purchase from other countries but that’s not the original factories and not that cost-effective.
Once they found us, Highbright attached great importance to them for the first time. Africa is a land full of opportunities. We hope to establish good cooperative relations with various distributors, and grow up together.
To help them conquer the market, Highbright started from two aspects:
On the one hand, we held several meetings with Afropak, quickly and accurately found products suitable for the African market, and customized some supermarket equipment such as shelves and cash counters for free according to the needs of customers.
On the other hand, we sorted out some previous inquiries. Some small local customers are unsuitable for direct import from China, but if these inquiries are combined, there is also a huge demand. We transferred these requests to Afropak to help them grow and achieve a win-win situation.
It is not easy to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, Highbright fully understands the new distributors’ concerns, especially in the current situation of COVID-19. To dispel the customer's concerns, we took the initiative to carry out third-party inspection and loading supervision, which will be carried out by authoritative third-party organizations such as SGS, with all the costs on Highbright’s side.
Time flies, the first video meeting with Afropak seemed to be yesterday. Now, we have established a solid and reliable relationship. We insist on helping customers promote on the website, and continuously transfer the received inquiries to customers. Terry, the sales manager, has also become a good friend to customers. They often call to greet and discuss orders.

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