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Convenience Store Beverage Dairy Glass Door Display Refrigerator with LED Lighting

  • HBE-FE-116
  • Highbright
  • HBE-FE-116
  Remote (-1~5℃)
  Net   Capacity/m³0.520.791.050.99

Different cabinet length can be jointed freely (including with air curtain series, to meet different stores' layout demands. Various options are available for blind shoulder, mirror shoulder, panoramic shoulder and splice shoulder.

Adding glass partition can be optional to increase display effect. Multi-layer shelves free combination with adjustable angle, can be regulated according to the display items. Low front edge height maximize to enhance display effect.

Front decorative panel can be removed easily to make compressor unit cleaned and maintained conveniently.

Low/medium temperature mode switching function to meet the different environmental conditions and cabinet temperature requirements. Multiple safety precautions ensure the safety of the freezer in use.

Insulating anti-condensation glass door design, energy-saving and cost-reducing, ensures the safety of display food.


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