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Australian Supermarket Chain Case

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If you're in Australia, it’s impossible not to know IGA. David is now the owner of 4 IGA supermarkets. He worked in related field in Hong Kong when he was young, so he has rich experience in the supermarket industry and has preliminary trust in our Chinese products.

We met David in 2016, our sales Amy was just graduating from university, and she was very lucky to meet David. At that time, David was preparing for the Sung IGA project, so our company could provide one-stop service from design to shipment. David also flew from Australia to talk to us face to face. Our team recommended suitable products to David and drew drawings to confirm. David also visited our factory and learned about our abilities. As a newbie, Amy also learned a lot from David. she was particularly impressed by David's character, always dynamic and full of passion.

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There is no doubt that Sung IGA is a very successful project, business has been very good, and it has brought considerable profits to customers. Sung is also a success story for us. David recognizes our quality very much and is willing to introduce his relatives and friends to use our products.

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Before 2020, David came to our company for business and vacation every year. Our relationship became as deep as the Pacific Ocean.

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The Sandy Bay store also opened this year, from 3D design to shipping, also arranged by Highbright. Below is a fresh feedback pictures.

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It can be said that in the past 6 years, David and Highbright have grown together, David has opened more stores, and Highbright has also grown. There are two more projects on the way.

Hope David is healthy and business is getting better and better. Looking forward to his coming to China next time~

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