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How to open a supermarket in Canada​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
400m² designed and equipped by Highbright in 55 days

The Crisp Apple is a family-run Canadian-owned fruits and vegetable retailer, based in Calgary, Canada. The client approached Highbright with a clear shopping list in mind. As a retail solution provider, Highbright can easily fulfill the demand of opening a professional produce store from scratch.
Highbright received a vegetable store inquiry and delegated sales manager Amy to follow up on the whole-store project. Back in the day of 2020, Highbright did not have too many cases built in Canada, but Amy offered a similar case completed by Highbright in Italy, and cultivated the initial trust from there. With the provided floor plan, the Highbright design team managed to come up with a layout suggestion.
In such cases where the client has a clear vision for his store design and equipment selection including produce racks, checkout counters, and shopping carts, our sales manager Amy timely responded with relative size chart and field photos of Highbright products.
Thanks to our supportive design team, Highbright is able to put our products into specific 3D illustrations to present the exact image of the store after installation. Our client was extremely satisfied with the illustrations and even inquired about the decorative vegetables in the design.
Apart from the quality equipment, Highbright arranged all the steps to make the racks stand in the store. We arranged the transportation from Shanghai, all the way to the doorstep of Calgary. Highbright also prepared a series of installation guidelines to save time for our clients, empowering their business with reliable sales service.
Due to the successful project with The Crisp Apple, Highbright won the trust of Canadian retailers and began to attract more Canadian clients ever since. Come to Highbright, whether it’s an ambitious retail dream, or a perfectly designed floor plan, we will turn it into a beautiful storefront!

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