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slatwall displays is incredibly popular among retailers because of its unparalleled versatility. It's important for retail stores to be able to easily switch up how they are merchandising items so that more popular inventory is easier to access, or clearance items are in a more prominent location to help sell it faster. Panels, kiosks and towers can be customized with accessories like shelves, hooks and baskets to outfit an entire retail store. Universal slats allow for all accessories to be used on every store fixture.

What type of retailers commonly use slatwall fixtures?

  • Shoe Stores - Since shoe stores often have such a wide selection, there is a huge need to be able to use slate wall shelving adjust merchandising.

  • Convenience Stores - With lots of small items for sale, it's important to display themselve where there are easily accessible. Convenience stores often use retail display slatwall to sell niche items.

  • Clothing Stores - With a variety of different items coming item, slatwall gondola display makes it easy to change around setups instead of having to purchase new displays.

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