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Buy Gridwall display stand wire grid wall displays From China manufacturer

Gridwall display stand is a very versatile display type and is one of the most effective tools for a constantly revolving store setup. When operating a business, saving time and cutting costs is one of the most important factors for success. Gridwall displays give owners the opportunity to do both. The quick-change ability will save employees time to take on other pressing tasks, and the affordable pricing will help keep some extra money in your pocket.

To put the finishing touch on any grid wall fixture, accessories are a must. Choose from baskets, hooks, rails and sign holders. Cascading or straight-arm shelves offer different options for different styles of clothing. Small peg hooks are great for snack packs, chips and other blister pack items. Several different sized wire baskets allow merchandisers to pick based on what type of items they are going to be selling. Sign holders are great for advertising sales or marking prices of products. Sign holders are available that attach directly to the grid or on top of the grid to save room for merchandise.

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